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Change Finder view options for all folders

Change Finder view options for all folders

Recently, I wanted to change the way Finder displays my folders. You can do this using the view option you can find at the top of the window.

folder view option in finder

However, I was slightly annoyed when I found out that it only changes the view for the folder you're currently in. When you go to another folder, Finder changes the view back to the one you used last time you visited it. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to change the view for all folders on your Mac.

Delete folder metadata

What you can do however, is delete all the folder metadata. MacOS (or OS X, if you like) stores folder metadata in hidden .DS_Store files. These files contain the things like sorting order, view preferences and custom icons of the folder they're in. To find and delete all .DS_Store files on your machine, open up the terminal and type:

sudo find / -name '.DS_Store' -delete

After you type in your administrator password, it will start to delete all your .DS_Store files. Alternatively, you could change / to ~ to only reset folder preferences for your home folder.

If done correctly, all folders will now change to the new view you specified.